United Church of God "Christians"
Knezha, Bulgaria

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In 1928 a group of christians pass through Knezha on their way to the village of Selanovtsi for a conciliar liturgy. They met a pregnant woman in the street named Maria and asked her for water. She brought them home, gave them water for the trip and they blessed her. She smiled sadly and replied: "It's good that you bless me, but neither I nor the child will live long enough, because I'm hopelessly ill". The group prayed for healing of the woman and after that continued their way. On their way back the same woman was waiting for them to say that she is in good health and asked them how to live from now on.

Maria Shindarska is the first evangelical christian in Kneja. She shared the Gospel ​​with her friends Dimana and Pesha Pisashki and they got believers. Not long after that the last one died and the other two left as the only believers in Knezha for 50 years. They used to go to the villages of Selanovtsi and Galovo for sacrament and communion with the church members whenever they had a chance.

In 1979 they were visited by pastor Petar Aleksandrov, his son Angel and his cousin from the village of Galovo. They had a meeting with Shilyashki family who were very thrilled and later on accepted Jesus Christ. During the next year Petar and his cousin Lazar came to work in Kneja. Angel was sick nearly to death and was healed and in March 1981 also came to work in Knezha.

So with the time being the church in Knezha had summoned. In 1992 a mass evangelization was held in cultural club "Borba" and new people have repented. Usually preaches Angel Petrov Aleksandrov, who is ordained as pastor, and together with him Krasimir Lazarov Davidov is ordained as deacon. After 2000 few evangelizations were done together with Jesus movie projection, followed by lectures and christian books hand out. Up to now few thousand people have heard about God's salvation. A second church is created into the gypsy neighbourhood of Knezha in Oryahovo direction, where for a certain period Pavel Markov from Sofia served. When he went away also this church was left on pastor Angel Aleksandrov's concern. There are churches created in the following settlements: Tarnak, Enitsa, Chomakovtsi, Deventsi and Cherven Bryag, which are served by pastor Aleksandrov and team: Krasimir Davidov, Dimitar Gatev, Konstantin Paharski, Nikolay Tabashki and Nikolay Gornishki. Book-keeper is Varban Manchev. When there is a need Arif Linkov and old aged pastor Petar Aleksandrov are helping.

With God's help and grace we are working for the Gospel.